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Where we will talk about anything and everything fashion related In our fast-paced world we are able to provide a timeless skill to our community with a swift precision that leaves our customers in awe. From frills to a simple hem, Staar Tailors has been serving the Spartanburg community for over 20 years, and it's our time to start sharing the trade secrets. This blog will be your guide to navigating the world of threads and buttons without the sewing kit.

Our Origin Story Staar Tailors Alterations, LLC has been serving the upstate of South Carolina since 1997 and has been under the ownership of Lyubov Garnik since 2003, who has over 40 years of seamstress experience, specializing in formal gowns. Her name is "Love" in Russian, and that's just who she is. Lyubov and her family, which includes 8 children, came to the United States as refugees in August of 1991 from Ukraine. Talented, but with little English, the family struggled to make it until Seetha, the previous owner of Staar Tailors, hired Lyubov on faith even though she wasn’t looking to hire anyone at the time. Certain that Staar Tailors was a gift and an answered prayer, Lyubov proved herself through her intense focus and attention to detail. Her ownership of her position and dedication to the shop was so evident, that Seetha offered to sell the store to Lyubov in 2003. Growth Not knowing how to finance the purchase, and having no business experience, Lyubov once again stepped out on faith and acquired the shop. Keeping the original Double A in Staar Tailors, meant for good luck, a lot of prayers and hard work, and with the help of her family, the business flourished and expanded. The team now includes two locations, twelve extremely talented seamstresses, and growing. Staar Tailors is dedicated to providing jobs for people like Lyubov, who are incredibly skilled and talented. They work hard to provide an environment that stewards and honors God, and the talents of all their employees. And we are now here for you. Every pair of pants and button is just another blessing to our family.

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