Holes and tears, missing buttons, snaps, hooks or ribbons, broken zippers, relining pants/ jackets/ dresses, adding or replacing drawstrings, Velcro and elastic waistbands.


Removing shoulder pads, moving hems and seams to update outdated garments, turning sweaters into zip-up jackets; if you can imagine it, we can probably realize it. We also offer restyling and alterations to make garments more accessible and wearer friendly for our handicapped clients. Whether it's a pair of pants that must fit around a broken leg, or replacing zippers with Velcro for a paraplegic individual, we can brainstorm a solution for any fit issue. 


Shorten or lengthen hems, shorten or lengthen sleeves, take in or let out waistbands, take in or let out seams, repositioning seams and darts, if something is too big or too small in all the wrong places, we can fix it for a perfect fit.



Buying a suit can be a daunting task—especially when it comes to getting the right fit. We take the guesswork out of suit tailoring and help bring off-the-rack styles to tailor-made suits you'll want to wear again and again. Whether taking in the shoulders, moving vents, shortening a hem or tapering a pant leg, we create custom fits for every size and every style. 



Whether it’s a cocktail dress that would look better at the knee, a sundress that should show off your new tiny waistline, or a pageant, prom, quinceanera, or bridal gown that doesn’t fit quite right, we can make it look stunning on you. Our expert seamstresses are experienced and have worked with silk, sequins, leather, chiffon, crystals, beading, lace, and other fine fabrics. Have a bridal dress in mind? When it comes to bridal gowns, our seamstresses are unmatched in quality, detail, and execution. They have even taken in a bridal gown 20 sizes and completely restyled ballroom gowns! Well versed in classic and modern techniques, our seamstresses are passionate about being the best in their field and continually train to fine-tune their craft. In the Upstate, no one knows more about how gowns are altered or assembled than here at Staar Tailors!